Our Queen becomes a Judge

Our Queen of the Universe, Champagne, served as a judge this weekend at the TQC  pageant in Koh Tao, Thailand.


Posted by Kamolrose Thunphirom on Saturday, December 19, 2015

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“Shunned” Movie Premiere

Queen Camille, Producer Karina Samala, Stylist Tuesday Drew, and other pageant contestants and members of the transgender community attended the June 27th screening of Shunned, a documentary about the trauma and struggles faced by a group of Trans women in the Philippines as they compete in a pageant and find strength in their convictions and one other.

Produced and directed by Filipina-American Janice Villarosa, this award-winning and thought-provoking film won “BEST DOCUMENTARY”  at the Long Island International Film Expo (NY), “BEST INTERNATIONAL FEATURE FILM DOCUMENTARY” in Laughlin International Film Festival, and was the “OPENING FILM” for Cebu International Documentary Film Festival (Philippines).  Shunned was one of 5 films nominated for Hawaii International Film Festival’s top award, the “HALEKULANI GOLDEN ORCHID AWARD”.


“The movie is very sensational and brave. The characters were so courageous to tell their stories to the whole world. I hope this will open the hearts and minds of the ignorant people and hopefully make a difference in the society. This movie will definitely educate and raise awareness about the struggles that transgenders go through and hopefully help reach our never ending quest for equality.”
Camille Anderson

“This is an honest masterpiece!” — Terri Jay

“I learned a lot more about transgender people like me that, ‘Don’t ever forget your value coz we are born to be REAL and not to be perfect'”.Sabel Gonzales

   “Masterpiece , brilliant , brave and full of honesty . We can all relate in each story , and each has valuable lesson , inspiration and love. It’s a must see and tears flowing a few times. Perfect timing and perfect movie.”Tuesday Drew

“Shunned” is groundbreaking collection of stories about real transgender Filipina women. They are mostly untold depictions of their daily struggles to match their self-identified gender with physical attribution of a woman. This can be achieved by simply cross-dressing, by hormonal therapy, or by greater interventions such as surgical procedures as breast implants or SRS (sexual reassignment surgery). Regardless, social acceptance, discrimination, violence and access to healthcare are among difficult challenges for transgenders to overcome in order to survive. Majority of these women may need assistance and guidance to be successful in their adult lives. Two-thumb up for “Shunned”. Janice Villarosa is triumphant in sharing these uncommon human experiences without judgment or ridicule.Maya Besana

View the Trailer:

ABS-CBN’s Steve Angeles interviews Kim, Karina, Maya and Sabel, along with Director/Producer Janice Villarosa after the screening:

Queen Camille Anderson at the Pride Parade in West Hollywood

Cover image courtesy of DVSROSS Photography

Camille doing good works in Tacloban, Philippines

Camille travelled to her hometown of Tacloban last February with her husband Marco to deliver food and financial relief to those who suffered from typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda.  Thank you Camille for your compassion and hard work to bring comfort, and improve the lives of others.

From Camille:

“This is one day we will never forget. To share the love and joy with these people. Resiliency is what I describe them despite the tragedy they have faced from the typhoon haiyan/yolanda.”