About the Queen Universe Pageant

For more than four decades, the “Queen of the Universe” pageant has showcased the

beauty, diversity, talent and intelligence of transgender women. The “Queen of the

Universe” pageant serves as a venue for the LGBT community, their allies, and the

mainstream community to join together to understand the life, challenges and struggles

that transgender people face and to celebrate the triumphs and victories of this strong and

courageous community.

For the candidates, the pageant provides many benefits. It serves to boost their

confidence, self-esteem and self worth. Transgenders are oftentimes rejected,

marginalized and alienated in our society. A recent study concluded that a staggering

41% of transgender people attempted suicide in their life. It is crucial, that these

beautiful and wonderful transgender women be reminded of their true worth and dignity

as human beings. Many previous contestants and winners have gone on to pursue careers

in art, entertainment, business, healthcare and the law.

The pageant forges bonds and unity in a divided community. Through the pageants,

lifelong friendships are formed, young transgenders find mentors and find support from a

family where they are accepted and appreciated.

The pageant serves as a platform where we can bring to light our advocacies. For a

community that is often neglected, the pageant serves as a means to deliver our message

to the public–that we may be different but deserving of equal rights and the dignity

afforded to all humans.

A portion of the proceeds derived from the pageant will benefit THE AIDS FOOD


has made a covenant with God and humanity that no person living with AIDS shall

go hungry, nor will they be left without care. Christ Chapel has been able to keep

that commitment because of organizations like the Queen of the Universe, which has

maintained their commitment to its mission.